Website personalization powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Hypermaus exploits usage patterns to subtly modify UI in realtime to optimize conversion.

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How does it work?

Our AI delivers.

Ideal usage paths

Hypercustomized predictions about which ideal next clicks lead to conversion or long-term goals like CLV or engagement

Battle tested AI

Hypermaus builds on a proprietary AI Core that is built on the tech that recently beat the World Champion in the board game Go


One line of JavaScript (integrates with your tag management system), highly performant, security audited

The engine

In the background, quite a magic is happening. Based on lots of data and state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms, we continously build an engine that is capable of simulating user behaviour. The engine can differ between users that convert well or not, and belong to certain segments. Based on that, at each instant, we can predict hypothetical best actions of the user and hereby optimize website changes to modify conversion.

Our clients


What People Are Saying About Us

Meet our happy customers and find out why AI is rocking their CRO!

Manual AB Testing is an outdated method. It will soon be enhanced by Artificial Intelligence. Hypermaus is the most promising approach I have seen so far.

Dr. Alexej Schelle, Quantitative Level

I've had tough times conducting manual tests in the past years - a hands-off solution like Hypermaus saves a lot of pain.

Wolf Erlewein, Director Sales Metadata Products, Metadatawiki

We think Hypermaus is the way to get rid of cumbersome A/B Testing. Like magic this one line of JS with their backend AI API was able to raise our checkout conversion rate by 0.3 percent in two weeks. While there may be more power in tighter collab with these guys, the zero-conf way already pays big time for us.

Florian Schild,

Be productive. Be smart.

Significantly improve personalization and conversion with Artificial Intelligence



per month

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Up to 10.000 uniques/month

The basic package:

  • 1 user
  • Basic Dashboard
  • 1 AI core

  • 1 line of code (LION)



per month

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Up to 100.000 uniques/month

Starter, plus:

  • Unlimited users
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Data export
  • 10 AI cores

  • CMS-specific (e.g. Wordpress Plugin)



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Up to 500.000 uniques/month

Grown-up, plus:

  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Silver support
  • Limited activity monitoring
  • 100 AI cores

  • CMS-specific (e.g. Wordpress Plugin)
  • Standard DWH (AWS Redshift, Hadoop)



per month

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> 500.000 uniques/month

Pro, plus:

  • Advanced customization
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • Gold support
  • Activity monitoring
  • 500 AI cores

  • Custom DWH
  • 20% AI consulting

Our story

  • Personalisation

    Today, hyperpersonalisazion of UI is cumbersome. A/B testing is really painful, takes lots of resources and does not generate great uplifts.

  • Conversion

    By modifying UI in a fully automated way with minimal onboarding friction, we can generate significant uplift in conversion.

  • Turnover

    Higher conversion leads to overall higher turnover.

Our partners



A solid academic and professional background.

Dr. Hannes Lüling


After completing his physics PhD in the field of computational neuroscience at the Technische Universität München, Hannes has acquired experience in Data Science since 2012. Recently he has been working as a Senior Data Scientist for ProSiebenSat.1 Digital and the BMW AG.

Dr. Olav Stetter


Olav is a physicist by training, with a PhD on the dynamics of complex systems. He also has extensive experience building technologies, teams and products in agile environments.

Dr. Uwe Stoll


Uwe has worked as a Senior Machine Learning Expert for several startups and enterprise clients. He can build on a master degree in Marketing and Innovation Management, and a PhD in Semantic Web and Machine Learning.